Remarketing – Your New Mailing List

Social media has taken digital marketing by a storm. It enables marketers to keep their audience engaged without the need of spam.

People choose when and where they want to consume their message, whether via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Unfortunately you don’t own the contact data in these networks. If you don’t play ball, Facebook and the gang can suspend your account and you will never be able to contact your followers again.

This is why it is important to own your own contact list where you have full control without being at the mercy of the social networks. A combination of the two is ideal, but even better if you add a third communication platform – a remarketing list.

Do you know the percentage of people who visit your website, abandon your conversion page and fail to join your mailing list? If it’s above 25% you should consider remarketing.

Google’s remarketing to the rescue

With Google’s remarketing tool, it is possible to continue to communicate with these people after they have left your site. Allowing you to share the same information you share with your mailing list and social followers. This works by using a combination of online text and banner ads.

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The Linkedin Marketing Guide

Linkedin is one of the fastest growing social networking sites today. It can offer so much more than making new contacts.

But unfortunately some people fail to utilise all the benefits Linkedin has to offer and sit idle on their accounts. This guide will reveal the hidden gems within Linkedin that can enhance your business.

One of the reasons why Linkedin is different from other social networking site is that your friends or contacts could someday be a potential client. So you should always conduct yourself in a business manner while on the site, including your profile.

Here are my top 5 tips to help you get the most out of Linkedin 1) Appearance

You only have one chance to make a first impression’ – This saying is mainly used in the offline world, but it also applies to your online presence. How would you like your potential clients or partners to perceive you online? 

Just imagine if you had to dress someone up to represent your business at a very important meeting. This is how you should want your Linkedin profile to look – sharp, professional and ready for business.

Before you start networking, make sure your profile is 100% complete. An incomplete profile More >