I have asked this question to my fellow marketers and they always try to avoid the question. This is because article marketing is usually associated with spam spun articles that clog the web with useless information just to provide links back to your site.

I have to confess I use article marketing strategies and they work, but they have to be executed carefully or it can backfire on you and Google will turn a blind eye to your links (no Google juice).

With all the stigma article marketing receives, it is still regarded as “white hat SEO” (for the time being). The best way to build links back to your site is to produce good content and become an authority within your industry. People will always link to good content.

Article marketing works on the hope someone will grab your article and post it on their site with a link back to your site. An alternative to this is cherry picking high PR sites within your industry and ask to create content for them in return for a link. I personally do both because I don’t want to rely on the hope a high PR site will grab my article. In reality it More >