Email Marketing

Creating an Email Campaign

Many companies, small and large, struggle to create successful email campaigns and believe email marketing is a waste of time. It is common practice for them to blast generic emails to their entire database and accept a response.

We all receive numerous emails from various companies every day and it can be impossible to read them all, resulting in most of them falling into the trash folder – “Trash Attack”.

How do you survive the “Trash Attack” and make your customer read your email? This isn’t a million dollar question. The answer is simple (well kind of).

  • Think about why you want to send an email or newsletter
  • What do you want to achieve from this mailer?
  • What kind of bait (offer) can be used achieve the above?
  • Think of ways to grab their attention – (offer value)

After you have answered these questions you should be ready to structure the email and create a compelling email campaign whether it’s a sales generation or conversion offer.

Email campaigns Each email campaign should contain at least 5 emails to fulfil your campaign goals and avoid the “Trash Attack”. The combination of these emails will ensure your emails are opened, read and actioned by the recipient.

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SEO Consultants

Choosing an SEO Consultant

Over the past 5-10 years, website owners have come to realise the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Generating quality traffic to your site has proven to be a better investment, than paying for a swanky website that cannot be indexed by search engines. Web designers/developers, have realised the shift in interest from web design to SEO. Some have even given themselves SEO “consultant” titles to capitalise on extra work.

A comprehensive SEO strategy is an ongoing process which needs to be implemented before design of the site can start. Web designers/developers have clients that are inexperienced about digital marketing and have no clue how to improve ranking and increase backlinks to their site. They are blinded by the website design and possibly the technical backend.

Before you commission a web designer/developer to build your website I recommend consulting with a SEO/digital marketing consultant separately to build a marketing plan, from website structure through to offsite SEO and SEM.

You may be asking “How will I know if their marketing strategy is any good?”

Before deciding on SEO/digital consultant you should:- first, select any two or three that come recommended. Second ask them for a free written or verbal consultation before More >