I wrote a previous blog post about how to see where your traffic is coming from called Traffic Channels. Shortly after I wrote this post I read a book by a fellow digital marketer: Kelvin Newman.

I’ve been listening to Kelvin’s podcast for a good while now and I must admit his advice and information is always on the money. So when he produced a link building eBook I could not refuse the free download.

Kelvin describes us fellow digital marketers as “Clockwork Pirates” because our work involves multiple techniques and strategies to help achieve one goal: traffic (usually).

There are various ways to attain links and some of us are successfully using these techniques without knowing. Link building is more than article and directory submissions. Offline strategies like interviews and personal appearances are very successful. Someone is bound to write about you online and link back to your site for reference after an event. And the beauty is it’s usually more than one person who will do this… (I am open for invitations).

Content is King

You have probably heard of one of the most over used phrases in digital marketing: Content is King. It doesn’t matter if you like the phrase or not, it’s the truth.

Produce the right content and people will link to it. It’s as simple as that. But what type of content should you

produce to require the most valuable links? You may ask.

And the answer is I don’t know. But I do know that if your create content that your visitors can benefit from like user guides, tutorials, top tips and ‘how to…’ manuals they will most probably link to it.


Another brilliant link building exercise is building relationships with other sites within your industry that has a similar target audience. No man’s an island and we all need help every now and then. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine – well sort of. These relationships do not have to be link exchanges, but you can offer to guess post or mention them in a newsletter.

Link building is a continuous task and there are so many different factors to think about. Kelvin has cleverly created a link building formula/method that covers all the factors needed for any successful link building exercise called “VAVA”.

VAVA looks at the 4 key link building metrics:

  1. Link Volume
  2. Link Authority
  3. Link Velocity
  4. Link Anchor Text

Now link building doesn’t need to be so complicated, as long as you follow the VAVA.

If your new to digital marketing or would like some new link building ideas, I highly recommend Kelvin’s free eBook. Download your free copy of Clockwork Pirates.

My only problem with this book isn’t Kindle friendly!