Why Google Entered The Social Arena

Google’s new social network platform has raised a few eyebrows. Questions have been asked about this new addition to the social arena:

  • What is it?
  • Why should I use it?
  • Do I need it?

It can be a bit overwhelming keeping all of your social networks up-to-date, so should we bother with Google +?

After forcing myself to see what the hype was about, I was quite impressed.  Nevertheless, it wasn’t good enough to lure people away from Facebook or even Twitter.  Then I started to understand Google’s master plan – everything soon became clear. 

Why Google + Was Born

Google realised their search algorithm needed changing.  They used back links to measure the importance of a website being abused.
Once upon a time this meant something.  People would only link to sites that had good content.  Now websites with the biggest marketing budgets hire digital marketing gurus to create these links for them.

Google is determined to provide surfers with the best organic search results and us digital marketers are making it problematic for them (I can’t believe I just said that).

Google would love to include the information from our social media activities into their algorithm so they can provide us with relevant results.  They have tried for some time to include information from third party social networking sites, but the two main giants, Facebook and Twitter, weren’t playing ball.  It’s no secret that Google and Facebook aren’t the best of friends.  Plus Google didn’t want to be indebted to Twitter. Welcome the birth of Google +.

Google are relying on people staying signed into their account while surfing the web via a Google search engine. While surfing logged in, they will modify your results based on what your friends on Google + have shared or +1 (ed). Google even puts a little picture of your friend who recommended the site next to the webpage description.

Googe+ Alexander Dixon Shared this

For the average surfer this doesn’t mean much and I don’t think it would make them delete their Facebook account(s) and run to Google + in a hurry. However, digital marketers will see the potential in having people join them on Google + so they can help manipulate their search results with the sites they recommend.

Google + isn’t just a new social networking site. It is an essential tool for Google’s social search algorithm. Now, normal people like you and me can help influence our friends search results with just a few clicks.

Add me in one of your Google + circles so I can help tweak your search results too.