Yes, I said it, SEO is dead. But I am only brave enough to say this on my blog and not in a room full of digital marketers.

Let me explain before you throw your coffee mug at the screen.

For many digital marketers SEO is their number one priority. Traffic from Google (other search engines available) is their main source of traffic, so most of their energy rest there.

As the internet evolves Google and other search engines make changes to their algorithms, algorithms we work hard to try and guess. And as soon as we crack them, they are updated and the guessing game starts again.

When these changes take place, digital marketers around the world hold their breath and wait to see if their website drops in traffic.

If this happens to your site, years of SEO work can go down the drain. And nobody wants that.

Hence – SEO is dead if it is your main marketing strategy.

Still Continue To Optimise Your Site!

By all means continue to optimise your site, but remember there are other strategies to drive traffic to your site that won’t be affected by a Google update.

Relying on organic traffic from Google to run your business is the same as only having one client. If that client leaves you, that’s the end of your business.

Don’t be afraid to go marketing retro. Remember the days of newspaper ads, leaflets and brochures? Well they still work (most of the time).

Explore other traffic channels and don’t only rely on Google!

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