5 Questions To Ask A SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be managed perfectly in-house. However, this can be a strain on resources. Therefore most companies prefer to outsource it to another company, while they focus on running their business.

While every man and his dog claims they are SEO experts, how can you find out if the person or company you hire knows their SEO from their CEO?

Here are my top 5 questions you should ask prospective candidates before you make your hiring decision.

1. How would you monitor my site’s performance?
Monitoring a website’s performance is much more than watching the site’s position in Google. There are tonnes of tracking tools on the market that will show you your progress and where and how you are ranked. Also, will they provide monthly reports or allow you access to see your stats online?

2. Do you offer an onsite SEO report?
It is vital your SEO Company understands your current SEO status before they start any marketing campaigns. This will highlight how much work is involved in meeting your objectives.

3. Can you show me an example of a successful offsite SEO campaign?
Offsite SEO is as important as onsite SEO and a comprehensive campaign is usually required.
Here are a few examples of what you should see:
– Relevant directory submissions
– Press release and blog submissions
– RSS feed directories
– Content building
– Link bait material – on and offsite

4. What link building techniques do you use and how will you apply them to my site?
Link building goes hand in hand with offsite SEO and can sometimes get blurred into a campaign and be totally ignored. You need to make sure they are actively building ethical links back to your site and are part of the overall offsite SEO campaign.  Do not accept simple answers like: “we will submit your site to 100’s of directories” or “we will build link bait”. You want to know how they plan to do this and how it fits into meeting your objectives.

5. Do you guarantee my site will rank number 1 in Google?
No matter how good the answers to the above questions are, if the answer to this is yes, run for the hills. No matter how much you think you know Google, no one really knows their algorithm. So to promise a number one position is impossible.