About Me

My passion for marketing began in 1999 just in time for the new Millennium. I specialised in offline corporate branding for small start-up companies. The internet boom was only around the corner and on arrival transformed the way we approached marketing forever.

The internet evolves everyday and creates new opportunities for digital marketers to exploit and enhance brand awareness and generate or improve online revenue streams.

I pride myself in making commercial sense of the latest technical trends and applying them to businesses online, this can include increasing ROI, website traffic or just revenue. My technical knowledge makes it easy for me to communicate with web designers/developers which helps to deliver projects smoothly and on time.

Digital Areas of Interest

  • Implementing marketing strategies that increase market share
  • Using multiple channels to achieve campaign objectives that result in ROI
  • Managing email marketing, PPC, SEO, SEM, site navigation and brand awareness
  • Web design and development
  • Good interpersonal, talent management and communication skills

You can also find me on Google +Alexander D Dixon.

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